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Frequently asked questions about America’s Summer Roadtrip™

When does the Roadtrip start? What is the schedule?2020-06-27T02:51:52-04:00

The Roadtrip will be streamed live at AmericasSummerRoadtrip.org starting at 9 am (Eastern) and ending at 9 pm (Eastern). The schedule will be posted on the site on July 1. Sign up for Roadtrip alerts and we’ll send you the schedule as soon as it’s posted.

Are the tours going to be recorded to view later?2020-06-27T04:35:48-04:00

Yes. Each tour will be available to stream anytime. Check back at AmericasSummerRoadtrip.org after the live event to catch up with any tours you may have missed or view them again!

Are you still accepting sites? How can we be considered for future Roadtrips?2020-06-27T02:52:23-04:00

We have filled up this year’s Roadtrip. Please send suggestions for future Roadtrips to Roadtrip@ThePursuitOfHistory.org. 

How did you choose this year’s sites? 2020-06-27T02:52:32-04:00

Our goal was to represent different eras in U.S. history, and to visit sites across the country. We knew that it would be impossible to include all the ones we wanted and some sites we hoped for could not participate this year. So, we hope that there is interest in doing this again—where we can add more sites to our wish-list, including some you suggest. 

Is anyone making money off of this event?2020-06-27T02:52:41-04:00

No. All of our partner sites have donated their time and effort and all of our costs are covered by tax-deductible donations. We hope that people will consider making a donation or buying merchandise to help us cover our costs and fund the activities of our non-profit organization, The Pursuit of History.

Surely, all of the participating sites and organizations would like your support, too. You will find links to their sites with each of their descriptions. Please support them where and when you can. 

What about social distancing and sites being closed? 2020-06-27T02:52:54-04:00

We know that social distancing requirements, and others, will greatly reduce attendance at sites this summer. The videos and interviews will be created while maintaining the recommended social distancing between any presenter and the person(s) filming, so everyone will be safe.

On the upside, since the Park Rangers and docents have only themselves and their cameraperson on our tour, many of them have promised us a peek into areas of their sites that public tours normally couldn’t go!

Are there more Roadtrips planned for the future? 2020-06-27T02:53:06-04:00

This is the first Roadtrip we’ve produced and future events will depend on the response from this year. Please let us know if we should! 

I have a question or idea. Where should I send it? 2020-06-27T04:38:49-04:00

Please send your questions or ideas to Roadtrip@ThePursuitOfHistory.org. We’ll answer as many questions as we can as soon as we can. 

Who is producing this event? What is its mission? 2020-06-27T04:43:46-04:00

The Pursuit of History™, the sponsor and producer of America’s Summer Roadtrip, is an educational non-profit organization that engages adults in conversation about history and connects them with historic sites in their communities and across the country. We produce unique annual events—including History Camp Boston (the original annual unconference, begun in 2014), History Camp Colorado, History Camp Virginia, and History Camp Philadelphia (new for 2020 2021)—and educational experiences through video and online content.

We believe that more people gaining a broader understanding of history has never been more important. If you feel the same way, we hope you’ll consider learning how you can be a part of The Pursuit of History.

How can I contact the Roadtrip?2020-07-01T12:18:02-04:00

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at Roadtrip@ThePursuitOfHistory.org.

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