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ASRT Partner Promotion Checklist


  • In any promotional tweets or posts, make it clear that visitors should go to to view the site tours. This will be our central point of operations for the day.
  • Site tour will be streamed all day, Saturday, August 1, from 9am (Eastern), with the last tour at 9pm (Eastern). If your site is not in the Eastern time-zone, please adjust accordingly for your local audience.
  • After August 1, site tours will be available to view from the program website, This is a second opportunity to raise awareness of your site and promote the virtual tours in all media.
  • Encourage Shares or Retweets from your followers, ask them specifically to do this. This will help more people learn about the Roadtrip—this is what social media does best.


  • The event has been added to the America’s Summer Roadtrip Facebook page as an Event; at which time, we added your organization as a co-host. Please have your page administrator accept the invitation to be a co-host. This will automatically add the event to your Facebook page and, if there are any schedule changes, the event details on your page will update automatically and those who clicked “Interested” will receive a notification.
  • “Follow” or “Like” our Facebook page,

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